There’s a lot at Stake – Like Steaks – When it comes to Customer Feedback.

It’s always interesting to hear what people think of you when you do business in the home electrician world. Sometimes that means puffing your chest out and passing along congratulations on a job well done, especially on a complicated or expensive fix that could have caused lots of frustration for the homeowner. Other times it means taking a look in the mirror and having an important huddle with the whole team about something that went wrong so we can work as a company to improve and deliver the best service possible.

Here at Sharpline Electric we pay close attention to what our customers are saying about us online on forums such as Angie’s List, Yelp! and other platforms. We encourage them to let us know in any way possible how their experience with our technicians went. That lets others hear about a great experience so they can consider us when they have a need and lets us know if we’re slipping in any way. We also mix in regular follow-up calls as another way to gather feedback about our performance. The most important thing for us to know is whether someone was happy enough with the job we did to recommend us to someone they know in their immediate circle. Since word of mouth is the best advertising possible, achieving that level of satisfaction is a key goal for our business.

Making those calls also helps us make amends and fix what happened to an unsatisfied customer. One great example of this was when, due to a mix up, the breaker for a refrigerator got left off on a repair job for an extended period of time and the food inside started to thaw before it was discovered. Those folks had a barbecue planned but their food was compromised, so we sent them over some nice steaks so they could have the barbecue they had planned. In the end, they gave us their support and said we handled that situation better than they could have imagined and planned on recommending us to people in the future. Of course we never want to have something like that happen in the first place, but hearing from the customer that we handled their situation the right way is one of the reasons why we check back on performance as much as possible.

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