San Antonio, Here We Come!

As fall arrives it becomes clearer than ever that big changes are in store for all of us here at Sharpline Home Services. That’s because we’re moving full speed ahead with plans to move into the San Antonio market and set our sights beyond our home base here in Utopia. Adding a new service area, especially one that’s more urban and has a fundamentally different kind of customer base, means thinking in new ways and a whole lot of planning to make sure we take the right steps and keep delivering exceptional service to each of our customers, new and old.

On a tactical level, we’re working with Home Advisor to drum up leads on new customers. Our appearance at the San Antonio Home & Garden Show in late September was another important move to expose Sharpline to a large new market.
We will of course keep our home base going full steam in Utopia, but there are plans to open a small San Antonio office for the techs we have there so they can respond to service calls with the same speed we have from our current location. Speed and reliability is another reason we’re also planning on adding two more vehicles to our existing fleet.

Add it all up and that’s a lot of moving parts, but that’s also the way things go when you’re running full speed and growing a business. The San Antonio expansion is something we’ve been looking at for a while and have taken careful steps to plan for. Originally we expected to be up and running there by May, but sometimes Murphy’s Law steps in and you have to deal with the delays and complications that life throws at you. We’re still banging all the pieces together, but fall means the time has come to make San Antonio a part of our daily lives.

Praise Makes a Welcome Treat

Sometimes it’s the things we take for granted that wind up making a big difference to our customers. We aim to give the best service possible on every one of our home installation or repair jobs here at Sharpline Home Services, but it’s always a nice surprise when a customer takes a moment to thank us for the high standards the whole company holds itself to.

I had this happen most recently on a trip to install a generator in Corpus Christi. For us, this was a fairly standard visit during which we make sure to educate the owner on how to use everything properly after the install is complete. But in this case, the customer took the time to check back and thank us because everything went exactly as we said it was going to, and they appreciated us making sure to not disturb their yard even though there were some wet conditions there at the time.

I often get similar comments about our technicians, which is always a nice thing for a business owner to experience because it lets you know that your people are present, listening, and following through on the training they received. It’s also great to pass those kind words on to the techs themselves so they know that they’re delivering exceptional service and making the homeowner feel great in what is most likely a stressful and demanding situation for them. That encouragement ultimately helps them perform their job even better because they have proof that exceptional service matters. It’s especially important for our younger techs to receive that kind of encouragement because it helps them develop confidence in their ability to solve a problem and to engage the customer in the best way possible: on a personal level.