Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day makes all of us take at least a few moments out of our busy lives and think about the incredible job that our military men and women do for our country.  Giving years of their lives and putting themselves in harm’s way to defend the United States is a tremendous sacrifice, and I think individual citizens and businesses need to do whatever they can to thank our veterans for what they have done for our country.  Here at SharpLine Electric we are very much in favor of seeking out and hiring veterans as part of our team because they have so many qualities that make for great employees. Folks who have been through the highly demanding life and training of military service have so many character qualities we look for, from the ability to orderly handle instructions and respecting the importance of making sure paperwork and all job materials are handled in an orderly fashion. I like to say that if someone has the people skills and the communication abilities, then we can teach them all the technical abilities they need to be a successful electrical technician. Military service is such a potential plus for us when we’re searching for a new hire that we strongly encourage veterans to make a point to highlight that on their application and resume when they get in contact with us. Our most recent addition to the SharpLine team served in the Navy before joining us and we have been so very pleased with his level of dedication and ability.  Todd came on board as a member of our standby generator division and is a motivated member of the team and someone who knows what it takes to get a job done right.  He has done a fantastic job of upgrading our generator service department and has brought a wealth of experience to SharpLine.  We’re glad to have him here, and hope we can bring more veterans onto the team as we continue our expansion into the San Antonio market in 2017.