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Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day makes all of us take at least a few moments out of our busy lives and think about the incredible job that our military men and women do for our country.  Giving years of their lives and putting themselves in harm’s way to defend the United States is a tremendous sacrifice, and I […]

San Antonio, Here We Come!

As fall arrives it becomes clearer than ever that big changes are in store for all of us here at Sharpline Home Services. That’s because we’re moving full speed ahead with plans to move into the San Antonio market and set our sights beyond our home base here in Utopia. Adding a new service area, […]

Praise Makes a Welcome Treat

Sometimes it’s the things we take for granted that wind up making a big difference to our customers. We aim to give the best service possible on every one of our home installation or repair jobs here at Sharpline Home Services, but it’s always a nice surprise when a customer takes a moment to thank […]