Here are some common questions we get when folks inquire about SharpLine’s business, products and services.

Q: "Why call SharpLine?"

A: 25 years in business, concerned for safety of your family and home.  Your satisfaction is our primary goal

Q: "What communities does SharpLine serve?"

A: We provide Electrical service in San Antonio and surrounding communities as well as the Hill Country. If you are considering calling us we most likely serve your area.

Q: "What kind of repair or installation cost should I expect?"

A: As with any repairs, they can be minor or major. Every repair is quoted before we start the job.

Q: "Is your work guaranteed?"

A: Yes. Your satisfaction guaranteed 100%.

Q: "My breaker keeps tripping. What’s going on?"

A: There are many different causes for breakers tripping and having a trained professional check it out is the safest course of action

Q: "Why should I invest in a home generator?"

A: A decision to buy a home generator rests with you alone.  Obviously, it is not a necessity but they can come in handy.  Just a one-day power outage can be very inconvenient, especially if you are home.  Generators can take the bite out of the inconvenience of power outages.  If you have a generator, refrigerators can be used normally, A/C works, computers work, lights are on, pool equipment works, essentially life continues at the normal pace.